Stratford Therapy


Some feedback from clients

Client 1

Therapy helped me to address things that happened in my childhood that I had buried for a long time. In doing so I am much more able to trust my own judgments and I have a much better sense of self. Nothing beats the relief felt when you find someone who can help with your demons - I would recommend therapy to anyone.

Client 2

"Liz has helped me recover from some of my darkest times in life - I have dealt with trauma which resulted in crippling fears as well as incredible pain from losing someone close to me. Working with Liz has helped me organise my mind and uncover the hidden issues I've been burrying deep inside for so many years.
With the various coping techniques we worked on, I feel like I can now relax in knowing that what ever is ahead of me will not be the same struggle. I can't thank Liz enough for what she has done for me as I finally - and probably for the first time in my life - feel at peace.

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